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John Edgerton, CPSP President, 2010 Presidential Address

“The central task of ministry is the formation of a community with an alternative liberated imagination that has the courage and freedom to act on a different vision and a different perception of reality”-Walter Brueggeman
Twenty years ago, at a place called Phoebe Needles’ Conference Center in Calloway, Virginia a small group of people gathered to define the type of community they wanted in the pastoral care movement. While they were at Phoebe Needles’ Conference Center they began to put together the ingredients of an alternative pastoral care community whereby the members of that community would see themselves as spiritual pilgrims seeking a collegial and professional relationship with each other.
They thought this community first and last would be theological.
They imagined that this community would deal with such things as accreditation, certification, and ethics complaints through what they were to call “chapters”.
The chapters were made up of small groups of people that would sha…

George Buck: The Present Friction Between ACPE & CPSP

As one who has been involved in pastoral training and education for over forty years (certified as a “Chaplain Supervisor” by the Council for Clinical in 1964), I have experienced a good deal of change in the pastoral education movement. It now seems that history is repeating itself.

The present friction between CPSP and ACPE is not unlike that of the Council for Clinical Training and the Institute of Pastoral Care. The Council folk looked at the Institute folk as a bunch academic heads who overlooked the psycho-dynamic approach to “CPT”. One of my first supervisors, Tom Klink, once stated that the Institute super-visors needed to get acquainted with Sigmund Freud. On the other side of the fence, the Institute super-visors saw the Council supervisors as a bunch of feelers who refused to think. This war of words, so to speak, went on for several years.

In the mid-sixties, I supervised CPT students in up-state New York. When the New York supervisors would get together, we would often disc…

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy Challenged to Cooperate

Challenged to Cooperate:

I welcome the letter from the Association of Religious Endorsing Bodies that challenges the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy to work collegially together in the best interests of those they train. The Religious Endorsers are quite rightly concerned for their constituents who are caught in the middle of the rift between ACPE and CPSP.

Challenging the ACPE & CPSP to put the professional wellbeing of those they train above the politics of self-interest is not only the right thing to do it would also be the best possible pastoral response.

George Hankins Hull

Read the Pastoral Report the online Journal of the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy

CPSP General Secretary Responds to the Religious Endorsing Bodies Open Letter


We are heartened by this public expression of concern by the Religious Endorsing Body representatives (REBS) meeting in Nashville last fall. They have the interest in the wider religious and therapeutic community at heart in this call to reconciliation.

There is plenty of work to be done in the field of clinical pastoral supervision, chaplaincy, pastoral counseling and psychotherapy. No one organization can respond to the current public needs. The expenditure of time and money in efforts to undermine each other is wasteful and disgraceful.

We in CPSP hope that this letter from the REBS signals the end of hostility between the various clinical pastoral organizations, and the end of triumphalism on the part of any one organization or group of organizations.

Raymond J. Lawrence, CPSP General Secretary

This letter was published on the Pastoral Report the online Journal of the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy

Religious Endorsing Bodies Open Letter to ACPE & CPSP

"We are also concerned about the face of pastoral care that is presented to our institutions and endorsees"

Association of Religious Endorsing BodiesP.O. Box 340007, Nashville, TN 37203-007
January 11, 2010

To: CPSP and ACPEFrom: Association of Religious Endorsing Bodies (AREBS)

Dear Colleagues in Pastoral Care Ministry,
We have been fortunate to be in conversation with all of the cognate groups in Nashville.

These meetings have helped us to clarify our identity as endorsers. That search for identity continues to drive us to more clarity and to deepen our relationships with all the cognate groups. We thank you for your patience with us as we have learned about your organizations, your organizational requirements, and also, your help in clarifying our understanding of your identity.

What we have discovered is that we share one thing in common and that is our dedication to the goal of providing the best in pastoral care. We all strive for excellence in …