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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Clinical Pastoral Education Program

UAMS Clinical Pastoral Training Program 
The CPE program at UAMS Medical Center has a historythat extends over twenty years. Chaplain interns and residents serve as hospital chaplains and provide pastoral care and counseling to inpatients, families and hospital staff. Eachchaplain in trainingis assigned to a number of floors and units, providing an opportunity for the trainee to experience the full range of care settings in a modern medical facility. The trainees are required to provide 24 hours on-call coverage for the Medical Center. In addition, each trainee is required to present case studies, attend didactic seminars, provide written reflections upon reading reviews, meet with their supervisors for individual supervision sessions, conduct a weekly ecumenical worship service and take part in group relationsseminars. CPE at UAMS focuses on the development of personal and pastoral identity and the growth of professional competence as a minister. Specific objectives of CPE are:
To bec…

The Many Faces of the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy

The Many Faces of the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy

The Covenant of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy We, the CPSP members see ourselves as spiritual pilgrims seeking a truly collegial professional community. Our calling and commitments are, therefore, first and last theological. We covenant to address one another and to be addressed by one another in a profound theological sense. We commit to being mutually responsible to one another for our professional work and direction.

Matters that are typically dealt with in other certifying bodies by centralized governance will be dealt with primarily in Chapters. Thus, we organize ourselves in such a way that we each participate in a relatively small group called a Chapter consisting of approximately a dozen colleagues. Teaching or counseling programs directed by CPSP Diplomates are the primary responsibility of the Chapter.

We commit ourselves to a galaxy of shared values that are as deeply held as t…