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CPSP A Truly Environmentally Responsible Organization

The uniqueness of the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is that CPSP is a covenant community. One of the most significant aspects of the CPSP covenant is the commitment to travel light. Traveling light means among other things that CPSP is committed to owning no buildings and having no paid professional staff. This means that the CPSP community is not burdened by high due structures needed to maintain corporate headquarters and to pay high salaried executives. Thus, the very way in which CPSP organizes its common life together provides a significant alternative to corporate models of governance that truly flourishes and prospers. Owning no buildings means that CPSP has the least carbon footprint of any organization in the clinical pastoral care and training movement. Consequently, CPSP is an environmentally responsible organization by virtue of the CPSP covenant. The CPSP covenant really makes CPSP a different kind of professional community and making a difference is…