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Clinical Pastoral Education Requirements for Employment as a VA Chaplain

In order to qualify for VA Chaplaincy, an individual must have completed 2 units of Clinical Pastoral Education, or demonstrate equivalent training. Units of CPE completed and certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy, National Association of Catholic Chaplains and The Association of Clinical Pastoral Education count toward this requirement.

Equivalent training is not less than 800 hours of supervised ministry in a health care setting, such as a hospital or nursing home, which incorporated both ministry formation and pastoral care skills development

To be considered equivalent to CPE, training must include the following components:

1. It must be a formal educational program, with curriculum, theological reflection, and evaluation components, which includes a component of performing health care ministry.

2. The program must include 400 hours of supervised education, training and ministry for equivalency to one unit of CPE.

3. The educational supervisor(s), precept…

Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisors At UAMS Medical Center

George Hankins-Hull, Dip. Th., Th.M., is the Director of Pastoral Care and Clinical Pastoral Education at UAMS Medical Center. He is a Diplomate in The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy and a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain

George Buck, Ph.D., is a Diplomate in The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy and is dually certified as a Pastoral Psychotherapist and as a CPE Supervisor. Chaplain Buck supervises the Part-Time and Extended Units of CPE.

For further information about the Clinical Pastoral Education training programs at UAMS Medical Center Contact George Hankins Hull

CPE Training at UAMS


The CPE program at UAMS Medical Center has a history that extends over twenty years. Chaplain interns and residents serve as hospital chaplains providing pastoral care and counseling to inpatients, families and hospital staff. Each chaplain in training is assigned to a number of floors and units, providing an opportunity for the trainee to experience the full range of care settings in a modern medical facility. The trainees are required to provide 24 hours on call coverage for the Medical Center. In addition, each trainee is required to present case studies, attend didactic seminars, provide written reflections upon reading reviews, meet with their supervisor for individual supervision sessions, conduct a weekly ecumenical worship service and take part in group relations seminars.

The UAMS Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program consists of a three components:

CPE Residency Program—one year September through August,
Full-Time Summer Program—1…

Presidential Address by James Gebhart, CPSP President

I want to call attention to our name, to look at it still another time for perhaps a deeper meaning. This is a question of our identity. One of the earliest challenges you had in your clinical training was in response to that question “Who are you?” It became a maddening question asked by that supervisor, that committee, that fellow student. But we had to return to it again and again. And so I ask you still again. Our name: The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy. Much is imbedded in those words.

Today there is only time to focus on the first two words: College and Pastoral. Perhaps next year we might address the last two words regarding the science and art of pastoral practice. We will see.

But first, this word College. Our founders were very wise to have chosen this name. Or perhaps divinely inspired, which is a bit of a stretch knowing them as we do today. Perhaps both. But is the right name at the right time and the right place. The College.

You might pause and notice t…