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The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education Failing Numbers

In its recent meeting with the Department of Education the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education reported that it had 254(1) accredited centers while claiming to have 350(2) accredited centers on the associations website. In the same vein the association’s website indicates there are about 600 CPE Supervisors(3) while reporting in its various newsletters that its active pool shrank from 588 to 536. The ACPE is currently unable to fill positions in some “19 centers across the country and this does not take into account multi-supervisor Centers who might currently be short staffed.”

(1) Transcript ACPE/DOE December 2006 Hearing:
“Currently, this Commission accredits 254 centers along with their programs. Recognition by
the Secretary enables ACPE and its accredited centers and programs and/or students of these
programs to participate in non-HEA programs, such as the International Exchange Visitors Program administered by the Department of State and the Veterans Educational Benefi…