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In July the CPSP leadership received a communication from Robin C. Brown-Haithco, President of ACPE and Deryck Durston, Interim Executive Director. They wrote to inform us of an action by the ACPE Board of Representatives taken on July 11, 2012, suggesting that the two organizations return to the negotiating table. The letter further indicated that ACPE is willing to engage in new dialogue with the goal of resolving our current differences. We welcome this overture and consider it a promising development. It has been the CPSP intention at all times to remain in dialogue with ACPE and to deal directly with our most pressing issues.

The CPSP Executive Committee has reviewed the ACPE acknowledgement of our impasse and invitation to return to negotiations, and we welcome the opportunity to return to the negotiating table and seek more effective ways to facilitate both organizations’ commitment to a collegial and amicable relationship.  The CPSP Executive Committee agreed to the appointment…