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The Sine Qua Non of the Clinical Pastoral Care & Training Movement

No pastoral care and certifying organization can be compelled to adopt a posture of critical self-reflection. However, one would expect that one of the marks of an organization standing within the historical clinical pastoral care and training movement would be a posture of critical self-reflection. Given this tradition of self-critical reflection this would not negate the critique of one cognate group by another rather it would promote it. The self-critical faculty is the sine qua non of the pastoral care and training movement. The movement is best safeguarded when all the serious voices of critique are validated and none are censored. In contrast to movements seeking to speak with one voice the clinical pastoral care and training movement speaks with many voices and is best represented by the voice of many.

Theology And Ethics in Conversation

Mid-South Fall Pastoral Care Institute
October 30-31, 2008
Little Rock, Arkansas

Gather this Fall in Little Rock with chaplains, pastoral counselors, pastoral psychotherapists, and pastoral care givers from across the South for this educational event, beginning at Noon Thursday October 30th with workshops followed by a dinner and speaker that evening. The Institute continues with a day of educational seminars on Friday. Mark your calendars.

More information coming soon!


Thursday evening, October 30

James D. Hester, Ph. D. ,is the Crawford Professor of Religion, Emeritus, from the University of Redlands, Redlands, CA, where he taught for 31 years. He holds a doctorate in theology (DTheol) from the University of Basel (Switzerland), where he studied with Oscar Cullman, Bo Reicke, and Karl Barth.

He is a member of Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas and of the Society of Biblical Literature. He was a Fellow of the Jesus Seminar and for 12 years directed the Rhetorical New Testament Pr…